January 21, 2022

August 2012 RCNMC Meeting – Focus on County Elections

Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 7 p.m.-9 p.m.

Hamlin Pub, 55076 Van Dyke (at 25 Mile Rd.), Shelby Twp., MI

Contact: Rob Montilla at (586) 291-7349 or rob@rcnmc.com

Event Information:
The next meeting of the RCNMC will be held on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Hamlin Pub located at 55076 Van Dyke in Shelby Township (Van Dyke and 25 Mile Rd.).

This meeting will focus on the upcoming county elections.  Macomb County has four countywide positions that are open as well as all 13 Board of County Commissioner seats.  Candidates will be in attendance to give you an opportunity to hear their platform, ask questions and talk about ways to get these candidates elected.

Invited to this meeting are:


  • Debera Guenther, candidate for Clerk – Confirmed to Attend
  • Larry Rocca, candidate for Treasurer – Confirmed to Attend
  • Mike Wrathell, candidate for Prosecutor – Confirmed to Attend
  • Steve Thomas, candidate for Sheriff – Confirmed to Attend

Board of County Commissioners

  • Don Brown, incumbent and candidate for district 7 – Confirmed to Attend
  • Gary Lusk, candidate for district 5
  • Jim Carabelli, incumbent and candidate for district 6
  • Jim Perna, candidate for district 12
  • Joe Sabatini, incumbent and candidate for district 13 – Unable to Attend
  • Juliana Sabatini, candidate for district 9 – Confirmed to Attend
  • Kathy Vosburg, incumbent and candidate for district 8 – Confirmed to Attend
  • Mary Kamp, candidate for district 1 – Confirmed to Attend
  • Randy Shafer, candidate for district 3
  • Ron Albers, candidate for district 4 – Confirmed to Attend
  • Zach Eineman, candidate for district 10

From this night, there will only be 10 weeks until Barack Obama is removed from office on November 6!

Join us from 6 p.m.-7 p.m. for social hour and dinner from the fine Hamlin Pub menu.


You’re Invited to a Special Event with Senator John McCain

Monday, July 16, 2012, 10 a.m. (doors open), 10:30 a.m. (program begins)

American Legion Post 351, 46146 Cass Avenue, Utica, MI

Contact: To RSVP or if you have questions, contact TeamMI@mittromney.com | (248) 270-8354

Event Information:
On Monday morning, July 16th, Senator John McCain and Congresswoman Miller will be holding an event at the Utica American Legion. The event will take place at 10 a.m. and will feature a meet and greet with the Senator and Congresswoman, starting around 10:30 a.m.  The focus of the event will be how to help unemployed veterans and veterans returning from overseas adjust to civilian life.

Click Here for a Flyer for the Event

The general public is welcome to come out to the event, especially the veterans of Macomb County so please come out and welcome Senator McCain to Macomb.

The address of the American Legion is 46146 Cass Avenue, Utica, MI.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the event.

Greg Cairns
Victory Field Representative

2012 Volunteer Opportunities

In Northern Macomb County, there are over 100 elected offices to be decided in the 2012 November general election.  In addition, there are a number of ballot initiatives that will be presented to voters that the RCNMC will take a stand on.

The goal of Republican Victory will be successful based on the strength of the volunteer network supporting candidates and other party building activities.  This is your opportunity to make a difference.

The RCNMC is organizing volunteers to help candidates and inform about ballot initiatives.  Please consider assisting with the following activities:

  • Literature Dropping for a Candidate or Ballot Initiative
  • Door Knocking for a Candidate or Ballot Initiative
  • Phone Bank to help identify voters
  • Help staff a fundraiser or other event for a candidate
  • Clerical – stuff envelopes or roll up flyers
  • Drive vehicles for volunteers going door-to-door
  • Host a Meet-and-Greet for a candidate

The RCNMC is looking for volunteers for the following organizational activities:

  • Communication Committee – manage content on the RCNMC website, push content on social media, write op-eds and letters to the editor.
  • Research/Policy Committee – research issues and make recommendations for action.
  • Candidate/Endorsement Committee – help review candidates and make recommendations for endorsements.

These are just some of the available opportunities.  If you are unable to devote time, please consider making a donation to candidates or the RCNMC.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above items, please contact Rob Montilla at rob@rcnmc.com or 586-291-7349.

We Can’t Do It Without You!!


May 2012 RCNMC Meeting – Republican Candidate Meet-and-Greet

Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 7 p.m.-9 p.m.

Hamlin Pub, 55076 Van Dyke (at 25 Mile Rd.), Shelby Twp., MI

Contact: Rob Montilla at (586) 291-7349

Event Information:
The next meeting of the RCNMC will be held on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 7 p.m. at the Hamlin Pub located at 55076 Van Dyke in Shelby Township (Van Dyke and 25 Mile Rd.).

Please join us for a 2012 Republican Candidate Meet-and-Greet.  With the filing deadline on May 15, this will be the first chance to meet the official Republican candidates for office.  We will invite candidates from all levels of government in Northern Macomb and the surrounding areas.

Confirmed Guests that will be in attendance (as of 5-28-2012):

  • Richard Batchelder, running for Shelby Township Clerk
  • Carl Beauvais, running for Bruce Township Supervisor
  • Reynard Bockhart, running for Bruce Township Clerk
  • Charles Bohm, running for re-election for Ray Township Supervisor
  • Susan Brockmann, running for re-election for Bruce Township Clerk
  • Dave Curtis, running for Shelby Township Trustee
  • Bryan Ede, running for Macomb County Sheriff
  • Joe Fortuna, running for Washington Township Treasurer
  • Brent Freeman, running for Shelby Township Trustee
  • Ken Goike, running for re-election for Michigan State Representative (District 33)
  • Debera Guenther, running for Macomb County Clerk
  • John J. Holeton, running for Shelby Township Trustee
  • David Joseph, running for Chesterfield Township Trustee
  • Ernie Lang, running for Macomb Township Trustee
  • Carol Marshall, running for Bruce Township Treasurer
  • Debbie Obrecht, running for re-election for Bruce Township Treasurer
  • David Pierce, running for Clinton Township Trustee
  • Joe Sabatini, running for re-election for Macomb County Commissioner (District 13)
  • Juliana Sabatini, running for Macomb County Commissioner (District 9)
  • Steve Thomas, running for Macomb County Sheriff
  • Jim Tignanelli, running for re-election as Bruce Township Supervisor
  • Todd Woodcox, running for Macomb County Sheriff
  • Michael Wrathell, running for Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Tom Yaschen, running for Chesterfield Township Trustee (tentative)

Join us from 6 p.m.-7 p.m. for social hour and dinner from the fine Hamlin Pub menu.


State Rep LaFontaine: For $1 Per Year We Could Buy Peace of Mind

By Andrea LaFontaine, State Representative

Andrea LaFontaine

State Representative Andrea LaFontaine

Clean, safe, drinking water seems to be something that we, as Americans, often take for granted. We live in a country that enjoys some of the safest drinking water in the world. However, what if tomorrow all of that changed, and without any prior detection, your drinking water was threatened by toxic solvent spills and chemical pollutants? If we keep continuing down our current path, that question could soon become reality. Here in this community, a problem that was once a water quality issue could grow into a disastrous quality of life issue.

It was seven years ago that this hypothetical situation actually happened in St. Clair County. One day, the drinking water was clean, safe and pure. The next day, 42,000 gallons of toxic solvents had leaked into the St. Clair River. The spill went undetected for some time and became a potential danger for millions of residents. Fortunately, in this case, the spill did not seep its way into our drinking water.

Since that toxic spill in 2004, state and federal grants totaling nearly $3.5 million have contributed to start up and operations costs for a water quality system that currently protects us. This system is state-of-the-art, not only significant to Michigan, but also one of a kind in the nation. I have to believe everyone understands the need for a system of this caliber protecting us from possible threats on the other side of the river.

Click here to Take a Short Survey
About Funding to Monitor Water Quality

Although $3.5 million in grants sounds great, we must keep in mind that those funds were awarded with the expectation that a long-term funding solution would be found. That is where our problem lies today, and we owe it to our children, grandchildren and future generations to ensure their quality of life and water quality are maintained.

Currently, the only solution offered at the state level is House Bill 4133, introduced by Rep. Kurt Heise, to allow the establishment of a Water Quality Alliance that would permit areas in Southeast Michigan to act as the administrator of the current monitoring system. The decision to participate in this alliance would be solely up to the municipalities.

We all know that sometimes government waits to address an issue until it is a full-blown crisis, and we may not be far from that. On this issue it is imperative that we work together to find a solution before time runs out and the monitors are shut off.

It’s estimated that for as little as $1 per year from every household that benefits from the monitors, the costs of this system could sustained. I’m curious to what local residents would think of a $1 surcharge on their water bill if it were guaranteed to be directly funding the functioning and operations of the water monitoring system. I am open and listening to all solutions, however not many have been offered. Please contact my office by e-mail at AndreaLaFontaine@house.mi.gov or call 1-866-DIST-032 with your thoughts.

Andrea LaFontaine (R-Columbus Township) represents Michigan House of Representatives District 32, which includes portions of northern Macomb and St. Clair counties.

Remember to Vote Tuesday in the Presidential Primary

Tuesday, February 28, is the day the voters of Michigan make their voices heard by choosing the Republican candidate they would like to see run against Barack Obama for the Presidency in November.

Voters will choose from the remaining candidates:

Be sure to exercise your right to vote.

Town Hall Meeting with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Mitt RomneyDate:  Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 11 a.m.

Eagle Manufacturing Corporation
52113 Shelby Parkway, Shelby Township, MI

RSVP:  Space is limited, so please RSVP: TeamMI@mittromney.com or (248) 270-8354

Click Here for a Printable Flyer for the Event

Event Information:
You’re Invited to a Town Hall Meeting with Mitt Romney

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 | 11:00 AM

Eagle Manufacturing Corporation
52113 Shelby Parkway in Shelby Township, MI

Space is limited, so please RSVP: TeamMI@mittromney.com | (248) 270-8354

For Important Campaign Updates: Text MI to GOMITT (466488)


Road to Victory Rally ‘12 Featuring Senator Rick Santorum

Rick SantorumDate:  Friday, February 17, 2012, 10:30 a.m.

Palazzo Grande, 54660 Van Dyke Avenue, Shelby Township, MI

Donation:  Complimentary

Click Here for a Printable Flyer for the Event

Event Information:

Fighting for Faith, Family & Freedom

Friday, February 17th
Doors open – 10:30 AM
Rally begins – 11:15 AM

Complimentary event, bring friends & cameras

Banquet & Event Center
54660 Van Dyke Avenue (south of 25 Mile Road)
Shelby Township, Michigan

Senator Santorum will take questions from the audience.

Notice: Family-friendly placards/signs only. We reserve right to prohibit questionable material.
Stay updated on Road to Victory Rally ’12 at: www.michiganffc.com


RCNMC Against Countywide Operating Millage


Macomb Intermediate School District Regional Enhancement Special Education Operating Millage Proposal

Who Will Vote

All Municipalities in Macomb County

When is the Vote

November 8, 2011 General Election

Ballot Proposal Language

Shall the limitation on the amount of ad valorem taxes which may be imposed on taxable property in the Macomb Intermediate School District, Michigan, be increased by 1.2 mill ($1.20 per thousand dollars of taxable value) for a period of twenty (20) years, 2011 to 2030, inclusive, as new additional millage to provide operating funds to enhance other state and local funding for local school district special education operating purposes? It is estimated that 1.2 mill would raise approximately $27.5 million when first levied in 2011.

Yes or No

RCNMC Recommendation

Vote NO.

The RCNMC passed a resolution to NOT SUPPORT the MISD millage proposal on the November 8 ballot.  In a struggling economy where families are still working hard to make ends meet, this is not the time to discuss a tax increase of any kind.  We call on the school districts of the county to instead look for ways to manage costs and streamline services in order to better accommodate the needs for all of Macomb County’s students.

Additional Proposal Details

Pursuant to state law, the revenue raised by the proposed enhancement millage will be collected by the Macomb Intermediate School District and allocated in accordance with Section 705 of the Revised School Code to local public school districts within the boundaries of the Macomb Intermediate School District for special education purposes with such revenue allocation being applied first to pay unfunded balance of the costs which would otherwise be payable by each local school district to the Macomb Intermediate School District for certain special education center programs.

The revenue from this millage will be disbursed to or for the benefit of the following school districts:

Anchor Bay School District
Armada Area Schools
Center Line Public Schools
Chippewa Valley Schools
Clintondale Community Schools
East Detroit Public Schools
Fitzgerald Public Schools
Fraser Public Schools
Lake Shore Public Schools
Lakeview Public Schools
L’Anse Creuse Public Schools
Mount Clemens Community Schools
New Haven Community Schools
Richmond Community Schools
Romeo Community Schools
Roseville Community Schools
South Lake Schools
Utica Community Schools
Van Dyke Public Schools
Warren Consolidated Schools
Warren Woods Public Schools

Source:  http://www.macombcountymi.gov/clerksoffice/pdf/elec-2011-nov-proposals.pdf

Information from the Sponsors of the Millage

Click Here for a Printable Flyer about the Millage (source MacombSchoolSelection.org)

Click Here for a Website that provides additional details about the millage.

Macomb School Selection:  “On November 8th, voters can restore part of this multi-million dollar loss. A Special Education Enhancement millage would give every school district in Macomb County much-needed additional money. At a cost of about 20 cents per day for the average homeowner, funds from the 1.2 mill proposal would go first for special education services, which would then free up general fund money and help ALL students in EVERY district.”

“Macomb County’s public school superintendents have unanimously agreed to support a 1.2 mill countywide Special Education Enhancement Millage Proposal to benefit the 131,000 students in their 21 districts on the November 8 ballot, the Macomb County’s Superintendents Association has announced.”

“All 21 of the elected Boards of Education in Macomb County and the Macomb Intermediate School District School Board have also agreed upon placing the proposal on the ballot.”

Why has this 1.2 mill property tax proposal been placed on the Tuesday, November 8 ballot?   If approved, the $27 million from the proposal would offset about one-fourth of the $103 million local districts and the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) are losing annually compared with 2008. This loss amounts to $785 per student. It results from cuts in state and federal funding and local property taxes. The situation has forced local school districts to increase class sizes as well as reduce programs and services.”

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