January 23, 2022

RCNMC 2012 Endorsements

The RCNMC makes the following endorsements for the General Election on November 6, 2012:

  • President of the United States: Mitt Romney
  • U.S. Senate: Pete Hoekstra
  • U.S. Representative District 10: Candice Miller
  • State Representative District 24: Anthony Forlini
  • State Representative District 30: Jeff Farrington
  • State Representative District 32: Andrea LaFontaine
  • State Representative District 33: Ken Goike
  • State Representative District 36: Pete Lund
  • County Commission District 6: James Carabelli
  • County Commission District 7: Don Brown
  • County Commission District 8: Kathy Vosburg
  • County Commission District 9: Juliana Sabatini
  • County Commission District 13: Joe Sabatini
  • Bruce Township Clerk: Susan Brockmann  **added**
  • Bruce Township Trustee: Mark Falker
  • Bruce Township Trustee: Paul Okiniewski
  • Chesterfield Township Clerk: Cindy Berry
  • Chesterfield Township Treasurer: Kathy Elliott
  • Chesterfield Township Trustee: David Joseph
  • Chesterfield Township Trustee: Henry Anderson
  • Chesterfield Township Trustee: Cyndi Gagleard
  • Ray Township Treasurer: Doug Stier
  • Richmond Township Trustee: Christoper DeVos
  • Chippewa Valley School Board: Grace Caporuscio
  • Romeo Community Schools: Lee Verbouw  **added**



  1. robert murphy says

    of course your endorseing pete lund for the 36th dist. 90 plus % dont know their st rep and now just 2 weeks before the election he uses his franking privileges to communicate with us. the first mailing in 2 years.

  2. Did not have time to deal with your need for me to fill out yet another questionnaire. No offense. I hope the membership remembers me from when you invited me to speak. Thanks. Feel free to email me or call me with any questions or concerns,and if you see one of my signs down or in need of some TLC, please replant it for me. Eric Smith’s thugs have been stealing them and throwing them onto the grass. 586.909.4680.

    ~~~~~Mike Wrathell, Republican Nominee for Macomb County Prosecutor

  3. robert murphy says

    Do all the people who are going to be voting for pete lund know they are going to be digging in their wallets for the rest of his life to pay for his pension for doing a part, part time job of only 6 years.

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