January 21, 2022

Victory Through Unity – Now is the Time for the GOP in Macomb County to Pull Together

Rob Montilla

Rob Montilla

The Primary Elections are over and we Republicans now know who our candidates will be to take on the Democrats in November.  For many municipal races, the primary winners will run unopposed so they are guaranteed victory – congratulations to all.

However, as every election has winners, every election also has candidates that didn’t make it across the finish line.  In Northern Macomb County, we had some grueling and sometimes nasty primary races that left candidates and their supporters with bitter feelings.  This certainly is not unusual for hotly contested races.

But now that the primary election is past, it is time to put aside our past divisions and focus on the general election.  This is where all of us as Republicans need to be united as the biggest objective now is to remove Barack Obama from the Presidency.

The Republicans have a great ticket with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  They are going to bring ideas and solutions to the national discussion about how to restore our country’s greatness.  It is our job to put Macomb County in the win column for them.  Every Republican in the county must be committed to this goal.

History will not care about the divisions faced in some of our local races or who emerged as a power broker from a county convention.  History will care about who we elect as our next President of the United States.  And history will care whether we lost our Constitutional Republic or if we won it back.

Our goal is clear: elect Mitt Romney as the next President of the United State and Pete Hoekstra as the next U.S. Senator for Michigan.  This will not be easy and every one of us will have put in extra effort to make this happen.

What we do not want is to wake up on the morning of November 7, the day after election day, and find out that Barack Obama won and then question whether we could have done something more.

I look forward to standing side-by-side with you as we fight for victory in November.

Rob Montilla,
Chairman, Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County


  1. Rob,
    I guess I learned alot through this election. I never imagined our Republican Party could be so “Fragmented”. I ran for Trustee with no help at all. I called our Preceint Delegates and no one was available to help. I put up signs and many were stolen. The incumbants placed tthe one they wanted on the board on their signs just as if he were an incumbant, that was not totally honest ! Then we have two people running for the clerks position and here comes the lawsuits ! Then right after the election the former Supervisor’s secretary is fired by one of the Trustee’s..( hmmm, sounds like revenge ! ) This has really “turned me off” to Politics, I was wanting to join and get involved. The Absentee ballots were sent out early which just about ruined the chances for any new candidates. The current Trustees with all the money behind them showed at at the polls with huge Electronic signs so how does a new person, even with the right heart for Macomb Township stand a chance to run for any office with this going on !

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