January 21, 2022

Part 6: Completing the County Convention

After both district caucuses have elected their delegates and alternates for state convention, the entire body of delegates reconvenes for closing business.  The most notable item is the filling of Precinct Delegate vacancies.

If a vacancy for a Precinct Delegate slot in Macomb County still exists, a person wishing to fill that vacancy can declare their intent to become a Precinct Delegate.  This person must be a qualified registered elector of the precinct for which they wish to become a delegate.  A majority vote of the Precinct Delegates present is required to elevate a nominee to fill an open Precinct Delegate position.  This person would be a voting delegate at the next convention.

The Permanent Chairperson of the Convention will ask if there is any further business.  Once no business items remain, a motion to adjourn is entertained and the Convention is completed.

The Michigan Republican Party convention instructions are asking the Permanent Chairperson to distribute convention packets to all convention delegates and alternates and announce convention details.  See the next section of this walkthrough for the convention packets.

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