January 21, 2022

Part 4: Congressional District Caucus

State Party rules indicate that if a chair of one of the current fifteen (15) congressional districts resides in a congressional district portion of the county, this person shall be the temporary chair of that congressional district portion of the county.  Both portions of Macomb County are covered by this rule.

The Temporary Chairperson for Macomb County District 9 will be Janice Nearon, current Chair of the 9th Congressional District.

The Temporary Chairperson for Macomb County District 10 will be Stanley Grot, current Chair of the 10th Congressional District.

The Temporary Chairperson of each caucus will appoint Temporary Officers (Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms and Tellers).  Once completed, the delegation will select a Permanent Chairperson of the Congressional Caucus.


The selection of the Permanent Chairperson of each Congressional Caucus is the most important election of this convention.  This Permanent Chairperson will have the real power to select the delegates and alternates that will go to the state convention.

What to Consider when Selecting the Permanent Caucus Chairperson

Similar to the selection of the Permanent Chairperson of the county convention, nomination for the Permanent Chair of the Congressional Caucus can be made from the floor.

In past conventions, each nominee for Permanent Caucus Chairman has been given a few minutes to speak about why they should be selected.  There is no specific rule defining that this action should occur.

There also is no rule as to how the vote for the Permanent Caucus Chairman should be conducted.  Voice votes or secret ballot are generally the methods used.  The Temporary Caucus Chairman prescribes the initial decision as to method but the delegation could make a motion to ask that another method be used.  Ultimately, the delegation decides.

The voice vote allows for a very quick result but can be highly subjective in interpreting the will of the delegates if the vote is close.  This type of vote can also be open to intimidation tactics as how a person votes is visible to anyone that is looking.

The secret ballot will take quite a bit more time to allow every delegate to cast their vote.  However, this method best allows for a person to vote their conscience without fear of retribution.

After the method is determined and the election completes, the Permanent Caucus Chairman will describe the method for the selection of delegates and alternates to the State Convention.

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