January 21, 2022

Part 3: Opening the County Convention

The county convention shall be called to order by Barbara VanSyckel, chair of the Macomb County Executive Committee. She shall act as Temporary Chairperson of the county convention until the delegates elect a Permanent Chairperson (more on this shortly).

The entire body of delegates from the county will be seated in a single room.  The convention will continue with the Pledge of Allegiance, an Invocation and the appointment of Temporary Officers (Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms and Tellers).


After all temporary roles are filled, the next order of business will be to elect a Permanent Chairperson of the County Convention.

Nominations for Permanent Chairperson can be made from the floor.  Generally, the Temporary Chairperson for this convention receives a nomination to be the Permanent Chairperson.  Other nominations can be brought forward.

If there are multiple nominees for Permanent Chairperson, State Party rules suggest a roll call vote for Permanent Chair be taken but also indicates this method may be waived.  Past history suggests a roll call vote will NOT be taken.  A voice vote may be sufficient but the results need to be clear and distinctive.  If a voice vote leads to questions as to the winner, the delegates can voice concerns and push for a different voting method.

Once a Permanent Chairperson is elected, they will then appoint Permanent Officers that will serve the balance of the convention.  If the Temporary Chairperson is elected as the Permanent Chairperson, they usually re-appoint the Temporary Officers to Permanent Officer status.

Other convention committees may be appointed and provide reports for the convention approval.

As Macomb County contains multiple Congressional Districts, the convention will now caucus by Congressional District.  At this point the main room will be physically divided into two rooms (or two alternate rooms will be available).

Delegates residing in the 9th Congressional District and 10th Congressional District will be asked to go to their respective rooms for the selection of delegates and alternates.  Delegates from one congressional district may not select State Convention delegates and alternates with respect to another congressional district.

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