January 28, 2022

Lisa Manzella

Candidate for Shelby Township Treasurer


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Shelby TV interviewed all of the candidates as part of its election coverage. Because my video has yet to be played on television, I decided to post it here!

Campaign Issues

Why are you running for this office?
I am in the “giving back” portion of my life, and I believe holding office is a public service.  I wish to continue to serve the people of Shelby.  I’ve volunteered in the community in various ways, consistently for over 23 years.  I’d also like to restore integrity, trust and professionalism back to our local government, something we’ve lost in past 4 years.  I have been and will remain the voice of the people.
What skillsets and real life experience do you have that makes you the best candidate for the role?
My 30+ background in a service industry/business, and as a Master Citizen Planner, and MCAO (MI Certified Assessing Officer), as well as nearly 8 years on the Twp Board, give me unique skills that qualify me as the best Treasurer candidate.   My budgeting experience, conservative fiscal responsibility both corporate and Township will assist me and I intend on becoming a Master Municipal Treasurer.
What are the top three issues you are concerned with for your district/municipality?
Increasing pension, legacy costs, and expenses; decreasing revenues; restoring integrity, trust, true transparency and professionalism back to local government.
What are the solutions you will bring forward if elected?
Work with the unions, pension Boards, finance officials (all involved) to resolve the deficits and provide long term solutions; promote Shelby Township through an actual and utilized economic development plan, work with the County and State to bring in more taxpaying business and industry, help retain and sustain our business community.  Stop the over development of multi-family & commercial, until our existing is absorbed, help sustain and increase residential property values. Hold non-owner occupants and out of town owners responsible for the safe upkeep of their properties, eliminating blight and the potential for blight.  Poise Shelby for the eventual market upswing as “the place to be” as it once was; treat all residents, volunteers, fellow Board members and employees with respect.  Listen to the taxpayer and residents and won’t lose sight of who put me in office and why, continue to be the voice of the people and serve the residents.  Establish an ethics policy and ethics committee of residents that the Board needs to adhere to and answer to.
What specific measures will you take to maintain low taxes and less expensive, limited government?
By bringing in new business/industry will bring in tax dollars, taking the brunt off the homeowner. No increase in taxes.  Continue to work with our hiring policies, and unions to keep costs from increasing.  Rely more on committees and civic and service organizations to assist with programs the Township may need to cut back on.  Establish and utilize a real purchasing policy, including a proper bid process that is adhered to.  Give preference to Shelby Township taxpaying businesses if they are the lowest qualified bid, instead of preference given to large campaign contributors which has been boldly apparent the past 4 years.  Listen to resident’s suggestions, as they are experiencing life in this community on a daily basis.
If elected, what will you do to better promote transparency in government?
Be truly transparent, not just say so.  Have regularly scheduled work sessions, not sporadic, so residents can anticipate when and where the Board will meet.  Reduce or eliminate the amount of last minute agenda add-ons, and changes that Board members and residents have no time to prepare for and residents may not come to speak on an issue because it was added last minute.  As treasurer, keep the bill run on line, all audits and check ledgers online, and break it down further per expense to make it more user friendly.
Have you received any endorsements?  If so, please list.
Shelby Township Police Officers.In the past, Right to Life and NRA, though I do not have official confirmation as of this date.

RCNMC Review

Lisa Manzella is an active member of the RCNMC.

Party Issues

Why are you a running as a Republican?
I’ve always been a Republican.  I’m pro-life, pro-family values.  I’m a self made business person.  I’m proud to defend and exercise our 2nd amendment rights.
What prior involvement have you had in the Republican Party or Conservative organizations?
Past and current precinct Delegate.  Member Macomb County Republicans.
What is your position on Obamacare?
I believe it needs to be repealed.
What is your position on abortion?
I’m pro-life, I am against abortion.
What is your position on the 2nd Amendment?
I defend it, as well as exercise the right to bear arms.
What is your position on public sector unions?
They have their place, and over the years have done monumental things to help workers be treated fairly and justly, but times being what they are, there needs to be more flexibility to insure solvency, to protect both management and labor.  Management and labor unions need to work together more efficiently to eliminate the extra costs of attorneys, litigation and arbitration.

State/County/Local Issues

What are the two biggest issues you feel Macomb County is facing today?
Decline in revenue and increase in expenses, as with all communities of any size.   And a new County Government that has not been as effective and efficient , as quickly as hoped.
Do you think Macomb County should have casinos?
No, it will have a detrimental effect on other small business, this is apparent in communities that have casinos.
What is your position on the Ambassador bridge project?
I believe there is a need for expansion, however, I’d like to see it done without public funds.
What is your position on special millages like the DIA or Zoo millages?
Neither benefits our County.  I am a supporter of the arts and zoo, but don’t feel its government responsibility and without financial oversight by those asked to pay for it, I cannot support it.  I am in support of Veteran assistance, as they support us all and deserve our support.

 Lisa Manzella

Residence: Shelby Township
Marital Status: Married, 28 years
Current Occupation: Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser
Contact Email: lisa@timesavingappraisal.com
Contact Phone: 586-781-2927
Contact Address: 12956 Towering Oaks
Website: www.lisamanzellaforshelby.com
Social Media Links: Facebook


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