January 21, 2022

Maria Napolitano

Candidate for Macomb Township Trustee


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Campaign Issues

Why are you running for this office?
I am running for Trustee to be a voice of the Macomb Township residents and carry the necessary attributes of good government.  As an employee of the people, I will respectfully listen with full attention to all issues and the opinions of our respected tax payers, and will respond with fair representation with their best interest in mind.
What skillsets and real life experience do you have that makes you the best candidate for the role?
My professional experience in leadership roles has provided me with the business skills to evaluate situations fairly and negotiate with understanding and compromise. Specifically in leadership roles as an executive in the mortgage banking industry, I gained extensive expertise in applicable areas such as finance and budgets, regulations, credit line management, risk management, quality control and daily business operations.  Blended with strong Christian principles and faith-driven attitude to treat one another fairly, I will convey a personable ethical approach to business.
What are the top three issues you are concerned with for your district/municipality?
In meeting with our community members and hearing the concerns first hand, I have consistently learned of issues in our business practices and our senior citizens’ needs.  It is imperative in any municipality to be a welcomed source of new business along with satisfying preservation of existing businesses to bring in desirable tax revenue and taxable value, add job opportunities, amenities and appeal to our community.  Satisfying our tax payers is top priority and that includes the requests of our seniors and the lacking programming, activities, and a needed director to lead the organization.  The third issue is a key component to these and all concerns and needs of our citizens, integrity and respect!  Honesty, honor, and reliability, are a few of these traits that our community deserves and I will deliver that admirable respectful attitude to everyone; residents, businesses, board members, and all affiliates.
What are the solutions you will bring forward if elected?
As a business woman my primary focus is on building successful business relationships for continued growth and development.  My initiatives, voicing the concerns of business leaders within the township and also opinions surrounding our community, is to provide a pro-business attitude by streamlining processes, reducing unnecessary regulatory burden, revising outdated ordinances, creating incentives to attract and retain local businesses, and developing strategies to promote our township to attract new businesses.  Efficiently operating in a reputable business-friendly approach will effectively stimulate business growth, create jobs, increase appeal of our township, and provide tax revenue and taxable value we successfully rely on.
What specific measures will you take to maintain low taxes and less expensive, limited government?
Encouraging business growth in our township adds tax revenue allowing us to keep our taxes lower and less expensive, reducing tax burden on our residents.  It is imperative to retain our present businesses and provide incentives to bring in new business by promoting a pro-business attitude and strengthening a working relationship with our businesses and delivering the respect they deserve as tax payers and job creators.  It is likewise important to maintain fiscal responsibility and preservation of our rainy day fund surplus to support our lower tax rates.
If elected, what will you do to better promote transparency in government?
As a hands-on approachable person, I will be available for our residents and encourage them to approach us with any issues, concerns, suggestions, praise or criticism they feel important to communicate to us.  Communication with openness honesty and impartial fairness and the accountability that comes with representation of our taxpayers are all critical to ensuring public trust and establishing transparency in our local government.
Have you received any endorsements?  If so, please list.
n/a I have not sought endorsement from any organization.

RCNMC Review

Maria Napolitano is an active member of the RCNMC.

Party Issues

Why are you a running as a Republican?
I believe the Republican Party best reflects my own personal character, family values, and viewpoint in government practices.  Such characteristics of constitutional principles, fiscal responsibility, pro-business attitude, equal rights and equal opportunity, traditional values and religious beliefs encompass my primary ideals of government.
What prior involvement have you had in the Republican Party or Conservative organizations?
I personally have not been seriously politically active until these last few years when I began to see government acting differently than I would.  In both my personal and professional life, I have learned the importance of business growth and job creation, managing money, and tying reward to performance and would like to make a positive impact on our community starting at the local level.
What is your position on Obamacare?
I love the idea of universal health care and unbiased medical coverage without pre-existing condition clauses.  I do not however like the idea that it is mandatory and accompanied by fines and “tax penalties” and the double-standard that our governmental figures are exempt.  I am in favor of repealing and starting the debate over. 
What is your position on abortion?
I am a republican, a roman catholic raised and educated for 13 years in parochial schools, and am first and foremost pro-life.  I believe the answers to this controversial topic lie in properly defending the unborn through promoting education on the medical reality of life at conception, responsible sexual activity, and readily available solutions for concerned unanticipated pregnant mothers, without the society implication of shame and inconvenience often associated with unexpected pregnancies.
What is your position on the 2nd Amendment?
I very much believe in an American’s rights to bear arms.  I support the 2nd amendment and on a personal level have been properly educated and certified and carry a Concealed Pistol License and own a registered firearm.
What is your position on public sector unions?
While unionism may have positive aspects as a voice for workers interest, it should remain in private sectors.  Unions in general should not be mandatory and an employee should have the right to decide whether to join or not.

State/County/Local Issues

What are the two biggest issues you feel Macomb County is facing today?
Though these are not isolated nor exclusive to our county, the biggest issues today remain jobs and economy.  Continually working to promote and market our community as a great place to work and make your home, will continuously draw home and business ownership and the desirable revenue that relieves tax burden on residents.
Do you think Macomb County should have casinos?
Casinos are enjoyable entertainment, and will be an obvious revenue stream for the County.  Presently our residents must travel out of county for casino entertainment and are therefore spending their dollars in other counties, and I would prefer to see this revenue stream stay within our borders.  A Macomb County casino project will promote small businesses, create needed jobs close to home, and draw added revenue from visitors to our great county.  I’m in favor of adding these positive attributes to Macomb County if they are approved by the voters.
What is your position on the Ambassador bridge project?
The benefits of a renovation of the Ambassador Bridge as one of largest point of entry in our country would ideally relieve traffic congestion and travel time and bring more commerce to our state.  The question lies in the incurred expense and assuring value to the investment or it should remain privately financed.
What is your position on special millages like the DIA or Zoo millages?
There are independent strategies that exist in self-improving without taxation of residents, such as improved budget management, better marketing, fund-raising, etc.  While factoring possible budget management issues, and hearing that the institute’s financials actually show support of staying in business in its current state for the next few years, I believe though it is beneficial to support our arts and it’s learning aspect for our children, and recognizing the DIA to be a major local asset, it appears likely to reorganize and be able to support themselves at this time.

Maria Napolitano

Residence: Macomb Township
Marital Status: Married
Current Occupation: Marketing Director for husband’s business Top Dog K9 Inc.
Contact Email: MortgageMaria@att.net
Contact Phone: (586) 421-7425
Contact Address: 21478 Marina Cir, Macomb, MI 48044
Social Media Links: Facebook


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