January 28, 2022

Joe Sabatini

Candidate for Macomb County Commissioner, District 13


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Campaign Issues

Why are you running for this office?
I am proud to serve as County Commissioner-District 13 and I am seeking re-election because of the unfinished work that needs to be addressed with our new Charter form of government.  I will continue to strive as an energetic leader with fiscal conservative ideals.  I have been accountable to my constituents in the townships of Clinton, Macomb, Shelby and the City of Utica.  My goal is to always preserve the future of Macomb County by allowing future generations the same opportunities it has given to me.
What skillsets and real life experience do you have that makes you the best candidate for the role?
Serving as County Commissioner my financial experience has allowed me to use over 15 years of both local and national business experience in the private and public sector.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance from Oakland University; Member of the Michigan Association of CPA’s and I have been a Corporate Controller & Auditor for over 15 years.  I will continue to use my financial and business background as a foundation to establish and execute a plan to remedy our current deficit of $30 Million.
What are the top three issues you are concerned with for your district/municipality?
  1. Roads
  2. Shared County Services
  3. Ordinances
What are the solutions you will bring forward if elected?
It is my belief that it is necessary to develop a detailed plan, including feasible goals of how our district can stimulate the local economy. Levels of government need to work collectively to address our urgent need for economic change by sharing services. Further, I believe that communication between local government and residents must be exercised in order to effectively address our local concerns at the county level. During this term as County Commissioner, I have been able to bridge what my municipalities need at the county level.  This has led to new road additions in Macomb Township and multiple road maintenance projects in other municipalities.  We have been able to increase paving to our trails towards a goal of linking them together by accessing grant money and saving our local tax dollars.  My business experience has allowed me to view different approaches to issues and solve them in a collective manner.
What specific measures will you take to maintain low taxes and less expensive, limited government?
We need to consolidate and centralize services between levels of government without raising taxes, but rather determining how to best allocate tax dollars.  We need to work together to improve local, county and state government to allow our constituents the accountability they deserve.
If elected, what will you do to better promote transparency in government?
Public access via the internet will allow full transparency of compliance, accessibility and awareness for all.  Checks and balances between levels of government are crucial in adopting a system with internal controls and safeguarding.
Have you received any endorsements?  If so, please list.
Right to Life of Michigan, Detroit Free Press

RCNMC Review

Joe Sabatini is an active member of the RCNMC.

Party Issues

Why are you a running as a Republican?
“The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much” – President Ronald Reagan.  This is the biggest issue in Macomb County with a budget shortfall of $30 Million; I have the fiscal conservative ideals and experience in creating limited government through effective consolidation. I stand for God, Country, Family and Old Fashioned Hard Work Values.
What prior involvement have you had in the Republican Party or Conservative organizations?
  1. Macomb County Republican Party
  2. Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County
  3. Macomb Township Caucus
What is your position on Obamacare?
I am against Obama Care.
What is your position on abortion?
As a Right to Life Endorsed Candidate, I am against abortion.
What is your position on the 2nd Amendment?
I support the 2nd Amendment.
What is your position on public sector unions?
I do not have a position on public sector unions.

State/County/Local Issues

What are the two biggest issues you feel Macomb County is facing today?
  1. Full transparency of all county financial decisions
  2. $30 Million Deficit and a two year budget cycle with a three year forecast
Do you think Macomb County should have casinos?
Casinos are not a priority in Macomb County.
What is your position on the Ambassador bridge project?
At this time, I do not have a position on the Ambassador Bridge Project because of the complexity of the issue.
What is your position on special millages like the DIA or Zoo millages?
The arts are very important to our community; there is no question about that.  However, based on the information that the DIA provided to me (Audited Financial Statements); I determined that the DIA has enough money to sustain their operations for the next five years in its current state. There is no reason why the residents of Macomb County should be taxed by an entity outside its borders and have no oversight of that taxing authority.

Joe Sabatini

Residence: Macomb Township
Marital Status: Married
Current Occupation: County Commissioner & Corporate Controller
Contact Email: joesabatini@live.com
Contact Phone: (586) 872-0000
Contact Address: PO Box 380462, Clinton Township, MI 48038
Website: n/a
Social Media Links: n/a


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