January 23, 2022

Susan Brockmann

Candidate for Bruce Township Clerk


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Campaign Issues

Why are you running for this office?
Since my election in 2008, I have streamlined services in the clerk’s office, implemented cost saving measures, assisted in budget preparation, and received outstanding audit reports.  Voters should choose me as clerk because my professional and business background brings skills, training, and expertise to the most technical elected office in our township.  I have proven to be a prepared and active board member.  I’ve shown an ability to research carefully to aide in discussion of important topics facing our township.
What skillsets and real life experience do you have that makes you the best candidate for the role?
I have served as the Bruce Township Clerk since elected in 2008.  My professional background includes 25 years of accounting, human resources, and project management.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Oakland University.  I currently serve on the RWB Parks and Recreation/STAR Commission.  I am active in community organizations such as Rotary, Romeo Kids Foundation, St.John Lutheran Church, Meals on Wheels, and community recycle events.
What are the top three issues you are concerned with for your district/municipality?
We must adhere to our Master Plan while aggressively researching ways to develop a commercial and industrial tax base for our township.

Remain diligent in efforts to enhance services while maintaining cost saving goals.

Continue efforts to develop business, professional, and inter-governmental relationships proving Bruce Township can maintain its rural character while announcing it is open for business in order to broaden and strengthen our tax base and utility revenues.

What are the solutions you will bring forward if elected?
I will continue my efforts as planning and zoning coordinator to ensure a tactful and thoughtful defense of our master plan.I will continue to research and develop new ideas to shop more wisely for products and personnel necessary to continually improve our services while being more efficient.  I have already proven my ability to accomplish such a task and will continue to pursue that goal.

I have participated in the negotiation of contracts with neighboring governments and Detroit Water and Sewerage.  I have met with entrepreneurs and with state and county services in an effort to convince businesses that are considering a move to choose Bruce Township.

What specific measures will you take to maintain low taxes and less expensive, limited government?
I’ve already proven an ability to reduce the cost of government in our township through the cross training and effective leadership of personnel.  I have continually held vendors to their promise while examining alternatives.  I have saved money on the audit, insurance, information technology, and benefits among other things.
If elected, what will you do to better promote transparency in government?
Unlike years past, I have maintained extended office hours in an effort to meet with people either in person, electronically, or by phone to provide them any information they might need.  My efforts in the IT field have produced a website that provides people with information heretofore difficult to attain.
Have you received any endorsements?  If so, please list.

RCNMC Review

No additional information at this time.

Party Issues

Why are you a running as a Republican?
Republican party best represents my core conservative, economic,  and moral values.  I’ve exclusively supported Republican candidates in the past in an effort to maintain that type of conservative representation in our government.
What prior involvement have you had in the Republican Party or Conservative organizations?
I’ve been a regular attendee at the RCNMC meetings, the Romeo Area Tea Party, and other conservative groups.  I have also volunteered for the Macomb County Republican Party.  In 2006, I was the Bruce Township chairperson for the Dick DeVos campaign.
What is your position on Obamacare?
It should be repealed.
What is your position on abortion?
I am pro-life.
What is your position on the 2nd Amendment?
I believe it is every individual’s right to be able to defend and protect themselves and their property.
What is your position on public sector unions?
I believe, particularly in the area of public safety (police/fire), the professionals doing that job deserve certain protections from elected officials who may be motivated more by self than the actual duties and responsibilities that are expected of those professionals.  In that limited case, I believe there is a place for public safety unions.

State/County/Local Issues

What are the two biggest issues you feel Macomb County is facing today?
Loss of revenue due to declining property values and unemployment.
Do you think Macomb County should have casinos?
What is your position on the Ambassador bridge project?
I’m not informed to make a decision at this time.
What is your position on special millages like the DIA or Zoo millages?
I am against both of these millages.

Susan Brockmann

Residence: Bruce Township
Marital Status: Married
Current Occupation: Currently serving as the township clerk
Contact Email: sbrockmann@brucetwp.org
Contact Phone: 586-752-4585
Contact Address: 537 Victoria Lane, Bruce Township, Michigan  48065
Social Media Links: Facebook


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