January 28, 2022

Volunteers Needed for Rick Perry Campaign

Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry

If you are interested in volunteering with Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign, please contact Andy Forbes. He is serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Perry campaign in MI.

The Perry campaign is seeking volunteers to go to local events and hand out literature, write letters to the editor, comment on blogs, travel to early states and represent the campaign at various local GOP and Tea party events.

Contact Andy Forbes by email at s.andrew_forbes@yahoo.com or by phone at (202) 253-7288.


  1. theresa medina says

    I think perry will be an awesome president. he’ll be alot better than bush and obama. i see alot of people on ads being kidnap or drug trafficers in which i think it’s where or money is going. so if all thi is going on, i think there should be an inspection through every house hold and every property owned to make this country safer and legally u.s citizen. cause i have a problem right now, someone is using my identity for many years and still today it,s still being used. i tried going to social security office and police department and still being used. hope perry can find a way to help those victims of identity theft.

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