January 21, 2022

RCNMC Endorsements for 2018 GOP Primary

The Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County (RCNMC) is honored to recognize and endorse the following candidates for the August 7, 2018 Primary Election or the August 25, 2018 State Republican Convention (candidates sorted alphabetically be last name):

  • Governor — Brian Calley, Bill Schuette
  • Attorney General* — Tom Leonard, Tonya Schuitmaker
  • Secretary of State* — Mary Treder Lang
  • State Senator – 8th District — Peter J. Lucido
  • State Senator – 10th District — Michael MacDonald, Michael Shallal
  • Rep. in State Legislature – 36th District — Scott Czasak, Karen Potchynok-Lund
  • Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds — Julie Williams
  • Macomb County Commissioner – 13th District — Leon Drolet
  • Armada Township Trustee — Jim Goetzinger
  • Washington Township Trustee — Gary Kopp

* denotes candidate race determined in State Republican Convention on August 25, 2018

The endorsements recognize those candidates in contested primary or convention races that the RCNMC believes demonstrate a commitment to the Republican Party platform and can best represent the Republican Party in the North Macomb area.

Only contested races for the GOP Primary in August were considered at this time.

2018 GOP Primary Endorsement Approach

Endorsements for the 2018 GOP Primary elections were considered and determined by the RCNMC Executive Committee except for those members who are running for office in the same cycle.  The members of the RCNMC Endorsement Committee are as follows:

  • Hank Anderson, Chesterfield Township — RCNMC Member-at-Large and Chesterfield Township Trustee
  • Jaime Greene, Richmond — RCNMC Member-at-Large and member of Richmond City Council
  • Rob Montilla, Macomb Township — RCNMC Chair and former chair of the Macomb GOP
  • Keith Rengert, Richmond Township — RCNMC Immediate Past Chair and former Macomb County Commissioner
  • Mark Scully, Macomb Township — RCNMC Membership Director and GOP activist
  • Linda Torp, Harrison Township — RCNMC Vice-Chair and former chair of the Macomb GOP
  • Kathy Vosburg, Chesterfield Township — RCNMC Treasurer, Chesterfield Township Trustee and former Macomb County Commissioner

The committee reviewed contested GOP primary races that impact the North Macomb Area at a state, county and local level only.  Federal positions were not considered.  Races with only a single contestant were also not considered.  This left the following races to be reviewed for endorsement:

  • Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of State
  • State Senator – 8th District
  • State Senator – 10th District
  • Representative in State Legislature – 36th District
  • Macomb County Executive
  • Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds
  • Macomb County Commissioner – 13th District
  • Armada Township Trustee
  • Washington Township Trustee

In May, the RCNMC sent out a questionnaire to all GOP candidates in state, county and local races impacting North Macomb County.  Many candidates returned answers to these questions.  This was one element used to consider candidates for endorsement.

Candidates were considered and decisions were made based on any of the following criteria:

  • Responses to the questionnaire
  • Committee knowledge of the candidates
  • The candidate’s demonstration of having a strong campaign structure.  This included looking at when they filed their campaign and the state of their campaign finance.
  • The perceived ability of the candidate to win the general election
  • The candidate’s open history of support for conservatism and supporting the Republican Party

The Endorsement Committee then chose to endorse one, two or zero candidates in each race.  The goal is to recommend the person or persons that can best represent the Republican ticket and in some cases the committee felt multiple people could succeed with this objective.

Why the RCNMC is Endorsing in the 2018 Republican Primary Election

Earlier this year, the RCNMC Executive Committee voted unanimously to make endorsements in the 2018 Republican primary election.  This was a change to the longtime stance of the group to avoid endorsing in primaries.  The question some are asking is…what changed?

Well here in Macomb County, where anything goes, the reason can essentially be summed up in two words:  Karen Spranger.  Spranger surprised in winning not just the 2016 Republican primary race for Macomb County Clerk and Register of Deeds but, riding the Macomb County wave of support for President Donald Trump, she also defeated the more well funded and organized Democrat challenger, Fred Miller.  News reports detail the many eccentricities and embarrassing behaviors conducted by Spranger until a judge removed her from office.  However the memory of Spranger’s tenure in the position are a stain for the county as a whole and the Republican Party.

Spranger won the GOP primary by 312 votes over runner up Julie Williams, less than 1% of the total votes cast in that race.  But what if people spoke up more about potentially better candidates in the race?  The core political party apparatus on both sides generally stays out of publicly supporting anyone in a primary race for fear of alienating a portion of the party base.  The RCNMC had similar considerations but as an independent entity can choose its own rules to engage and decided it was time to make a change.

One of the purposes of the RCNMC is “to promote and work for the best possible government of the people of northern Macomb County.”  The Executive Board felt this was a more pressing concern than continuing to stay neutral in primary races.  It is with this notion in mind, and with the experience of local elected officials and longtime party activists in the RCNMC, that the group decided to take a stand and change their position about endorsing in the primary.  We are hopeful that we can help point out qualified candidates to the general public now and into the future.

RCNMC Calls on Countywide Officials to Demand Marrocco File His Ethics Disclosure

Also Files Complaints against Clerk Carmella Sabaugh, Treasurer Derek Miller and Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco for violating Macomb County Ethics Ordinance by campaigning on public property

The Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County (RCNMC) is calling on Macomb Countywide officials to demand that Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Tony Marrocco file his ethics disclosure required by the Macomb County Ethics Ordinace.  Three weeks ago, the Candice Miller campaign called on Marrocco to file the disclosure required by a 2011 Macomb County ethics ordinance.  Marrocco has yet to file his disclosure even though he was required to file it four years ago and is currently the only countywide official who has not filed the disclosure.

It’s important that Macomb residents know that their elected officials aren’t putting their own personal profits ahead of the voters,  Marrocco has violated the ethics ordinance for four years by not filing and disclosing his personal financial information to voters.  Candice Miller was right to call on him to do this three weeks ago and the Macomb County elected officials who endorsed Marrocco last week should also demand that Marrocco follow the law.  The public has a right to know.

Yesterday, the RCNMC also submitted an ethics violation complaint against County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh, County Treasurer Derek Miller and Marrocco for attending a political event last week supporting Marrocco’s candidacy on county property in violation of the county ethics ordinance.

Our elected officials should be held to the same standard as everyone else and the county ethics ordinance is clear,  Section 3.6 of the Ordinance states in part… “Sec. 3.6. Inappropriate Use of County Time and Property for Political Activity. Public Servants are prohibited from engaging in political campaign activities or using County property while performing official duties…”

It is clear that the county ordinance requires the filing of the disclosure by Marrocco and prohibits the holding of what Marrocco titled a “photo opportunity” where other Democrat countywide officials announced their endorsement of Marrocco’s re-election campaign.  It is time for the County Ethics Board to do their job and enforce the ethics ordinance,

Voters have a right to know that Anthony Marrocco isn’t running his business and his campaign out of his county office building.  Marrocco should file his ethics disclosure and all the Democrats who attended his “photo op” should demand he does that.  It’s time that Macomb County government cleaned up its act.

The below links have detailed information on the Ethics Ordinance complaint:

Meet-the-Candidate Series with Candidates for Congress in the 10th Congressional District

The Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County announces their Fall meeting schedule featuring a Meet-the-Candidate Series with Candidates for Congress in the 10th Congressional District.

These events will be a spotlight focus, where the candidate will discuss their qualifications and backgrounds and audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions.

The schedule of events is as follows:


Please mark these dates on your calendar and feel free to bring a friend.  These events are open to the public.  All meetings will start at 7 p.m. and be held at the Hamlin Pub at 25 Mile Rd. and Van Dyke Rd. in Shelby Township.

In addition, at these meetings, you will have the opportunity to sign up as an RCNMC member for 2015/2016 and sign up to be a Precinct Delegate for the cycle starting in August 2016.

If you have any questions in advance of the meeting, please contact Rob Montilla at rob@rcnmc.com or 586-291-7349.

RCNMC Opposes Proposal 1. Vote No on May 5.

prop-1At the March 30, 2015 meeting of the RCNMC General Membership, a resolution was unanimously passed in opposition to Proposal 15-1 which will be voted on May 5, 2015.

Click this link to see the language of the proposal.

Discussion focused on the resistance to a tax increase of any kind, much less one of this magnitude.  No justification could be found in favor of the tax when, in the opinion of the RCNMC, all options have not been exhausted to find ways to get money to pay for fixing the roads.

The full text of the resolution can be found here.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has done extensive analysis on the various aspects of Proposal 1.  The graphic below summarizes the various taxes to be levied and the distribution of funds if Proposal 1 passes.


Governor Snyder has repeatedly told voters there is no Plan B.  However, the RCNMC’s stance was further solidified as RCNMC member and State Representative Peter Lucido described in depth an option he has presented to pay for road funding from the interest accumulated from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Fund.  Again, this option would use interest earned from the fund and leave the principal alone to pay for its intended purpose.

To find out more about Representative Lucido’s option, see the debate he participated in on Fox 2 News’ Let It Rip program.  The debate can be seen in the below video (you have to get through the first few minutes of commercials):

Fox 2 News Headlines

If you wish to demonstrate your opposition to the proposal, a “Protest Against Proposal 1” rally is being held on Wednesday, April 15 from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. in front of the Troy, MI City Hall building located at 500 W. Big Beaver Rd. in Troy, MI.

Click Here for a Flyer for the Protest Event.

Additional Information about Proposal 1 can be found at:

March 2014 RCNMC Meeting

Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 7 p.m.-9 p.m.

Hamlin Pub, 55076 Van Dyke (at 25 Mile Rd.), Shelby Twp., MI

Contact: Rob Montilla at (586) 291-7349 or rob@rcnmc.com

Event Information:
The March meeting of the RCNMC will be held on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Hamlin Pub located at 55076 Van Dyke in Shelby Township (Van Dyke and 25 Mile Rd.).

This meeting will also mark the start of our 2014 membership drive.  We look forward to adding new members and re-signing existing members to continue to build the RCNMC as the Premier Republican Grassroots Organization in Northern Macomb County.

Click Here for a Printable Membership Form

Join us from 6 p.m.-7 p.m. for social hour and dinner from the fine Hamlin Pub menu.


RCNMC 2014 Membership Drive

With a new year comes new opportunities.

The RCNMC will once again be looking to spur informative action to support electing Republicans in the North Macomb County area in 2014.  Check back to the website (www.rcnmc.com) for updates on events and informational forums that will be coming.

In the meantime, we are starting our membership drive for 2014.  The past few years have seen record numbers of dues paying members for the organization, a trend we want to continue in a critical election year.

If you can join and help our efforts, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please click the link below for our membership form which lists our membership rates.

Click Here for a Membership Form

Have a great holiday season and we’ll see you in 2014.

Rob Montilla
Chairman, RCNMC

RCNMC/SHUR/MCRWC 2013 Christmas Party

Monday, December 2, 2013 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Nick’s 22nd Street Steakhouse, 48900 Van Dyke Ave. , Shelby Township, MI

Contact: Rob Montilla at rob@rcnmc.com or (586) 291-7349; Philis DeSaele at desaele@wideopenwest.com or (586) 254-1284;

Cost: $10 includes dinner and non-alcoholic drinks

Event Information:

The Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County (RCNMC), Sterling Heights/Utica Republicans (SHUR) and Macomb County Republican Women’s Club (MCRWC) are co-hosting a Christmas Party on Monday, December 2 from 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m. at Nick’s 22nd Street Steakhouse located at 48900 Van Dyke Ave.  in Shelby Township, MI (Van Dyke and 22 Mile Rd.).

The cost for the event is $10 and can be paid at the door with cash.  The price includes dinner and non-alcoholic beverages.  The dinner will feature chicken picatta, rice, salad and bread.  Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.

Come join fellow Republicans as we celebrate the Christmas holiday and the Season of Giving.  This year, we will collect cash or check donations for the following charities:

  • Salvation Army

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Rob Montilla at rob@rcnmc.com or (586) 291-7349; Philis DeSaele at desaele@wideopenwest.com or (586) 254-1284.  This will help us get a head count for food although walk-ins will still be welcome.

Also, if you’d like to bring a dessert, please let us know.

January 2013 Meeting Cancelled

The RCNMC General Committee meeting scheduled for January 29, 2013 has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  We will look to re-schedule the meeting for the Election of Officers as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please let me know at rob@rcnmc.com.