January 18, 2022

2018 GOP Primary Endorsement Approach

Endorsements for the 2018 GOP Primary elections were considered and determined by the RCNMC Executive Committee except for those members who are running for office in the same cycle.  The members of the RCNMC Endorsement Committee are as follows:

  • Hank Anderson, Chesterfield Township — RCNMC Member-at-Large and Chesterfield Township Trustee
  • Jaime Greene, Richmond — RCNMC Member-at-Large and member of Richmond City Council
  • Rob Montilla, Macomb Township — RCNMC Chair and former chair of the Macomb GOP
  • Keith Rengert, Richmond Township — RCNMC Immediate Past Chair and former Macomb County Commissioner
  • Mark Scully, Macomb Township — RCNMC Membership Director and GOP activist
  • Linda Torp, Harrison Township — RCNMC Vice-Chair and former chair of the Macomb GOP
  • Kathy Vosburg, Chesterfield Township — RCNMC Treasurer, Chesterfield Township Trustee and former Macomb County Commissioner

The committee reviewed contested GOP primary races that impact the North Macomb Area at a state, county and local level only.  Federal positions were not considered.  Races with only a single contestant were also not considered.  This left the following races to be reviewed for endorsement:

  • Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of State
  • State Senator – 8th District
  • State Senator – 10th District
  • Representative in State Legislature – 36th District
  • Macomb County Executive
  • Macomb County Clerk / Register of Deeds
  • Macomb County Commissioner – 13th District
  • Armada Township Trustee
  • Washington Township Trustee

In May, the RCNMC sent out a questionnaire to all GOP candidates in state, county and local races impacting North Macomb County.  Many candidates returned answers to these questions.  This was one element used to consider candidates for endorsement.

Candidates were considered and decisions were made based on any of the following criteria:

  • Responses to the questionnaire
  • Committee knowledge of the candidates
  • The candidate’s demonstration of having a strong campaign structure.  This included looking at when they filed their campaign and the state of their campaign finance.
  • The perceived ability of the candidate to win the general election
  • The candidate’s open history of support for conservatism and supporting the Republican Party

The Endorsement Committee then chose to endorse one, two or zero candidates in each race.  The goal is to recommend the person or persons that can best represent the Republican ticket and in some cases the committee felt multiple people could succeed with this objective.

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