January 23, 2022

RCNMC Calls on Countywide Officials to Demand Marrocco File His Ethics Disclosure

Also Files Complaints against Clerk Carmella Sabaugh, Treasurer Derek Miller and Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco for violating Macomb County Ethics Ordinance by campaigning on public property

The Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County (RCNMC) is calling on Macomb Countywide officials to demand that Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Tony Marrocco file his ethics disclosure required by the Macomb County Ethics Ordinace.  Three weeks ago, the Candice Miller campaign called on Marrocco to file the disclosure required by a 2011 Macomb County ethics ordinance.  Marrocco has yet to file his disclosure even though he was required to file it four years ago and is currently the only countywide official who has not filed the disclosure.

It’s important that Macomb residents know that their elected officials aren’t putting their own personal profits ahead of the voters,  Marrocco has violated the ethics ordinance for four years by not filing and disclosing his personal financial information to voters.  Candice Miller was right to call on him to do this three weeks ago and the Macomb County elected officials who endorsed Marrocco last week should also demand that Marrocco follow the law.  The public has a right to know.

Yesterday, the RCNMC also submitted an ethics violation complaint against County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh, County Treasurer Derek Miller and Marrocco for attending a political event last week supporting Marrocco’s candidacy on county property in violation of the county ethics ordinance.

Our elected officials should be held to the same standard as everyone else and the county ethics ordinance is clear,  Section 3.6 of the Ordinance states in part… “Sec. 3.6. Inappropriate Use of County Time and Property for Political Activity. Public Servants are prohibited from engaging in political campaign activities or using County property while performing official duties…”

It is clear that the county ordinance requires the filing of the disclosure by Marrocco and prohibits the holding of what Marrocco titled a “photo opportunity” where other Democrat countywide officials announced their endorsement of Marrocco’s re-election campaign.  It is time for the County Ethics Board to do their job and enforce the ethics ordinance,

Voters have a right to know that Anthony Marrocco isn’t running his business and his campaign out of his county office building.  Marrocco should file his ethics disclosure and all the Democrats who attended his “photo op” should demand he does that.  It’s time that Macomb County government cleaned up its act.

The below links have detailed information on the Ethics Ordinance complaint:

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