January 18, 2022

2nd Super Saturday of the Election Cycle – HELP WANTED!!!

Michigan Republican PartyDate:
Saturday, August 4, 2012 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Macomb Victory Center
13285 Hall Road, Utica, MI

Contact: Victoria Czapski at Victoria@mivictory.org

Event Information:
Again I am looking for help on both phones and people to go door-to-door to identify Romney and Republican supporters. I realize this is the weekend before the Primary, but it is the perfect time to go out in force and get Conservatives in position to win in the general election. Phone shifts run from: 9am – 12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm and 6pm-9pm. Door shifts start from: 9am – 12:30pm, 12pm-3:30pm, and 3pm – 6:30pm. Please contact me via email or phone to schedule a time: Victoria@mivictory.org or 586-212-1785. If you come in to make calls during the next week you can also inform me on when you can help out. Prizes will go out to the top caller for the shift and the person who knocks the most doors. To make it a bit more interesting the person who makes the most calls for the entire week will get a special prize (this would be the entire week including Super Saturday). So game is on!!!

As always please stop by at any time to help identify voters Monday – Saturday 9am to 9pm. Also feel free to contact me via email when you can come in to help out.

Thank You in Advance,

Victoria Czapski

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