January 23, 2022

Macomb Township Meet the Candidates Forum

Thursday, July 19, 2012, 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Main Branch of the Clinton-Macomb Public Library
Romeo Plank & Canal Road in Clinton Township

Contact: Steven Stoll – Vice-chair MTRC (248-705-3813) , or John Wolfsberger – Chair MTRC (256-603-3462)

Event Information:
The Macomb Township Republican Caucus (MTRC), an affiliate of the Rebublican Committee of Northern Macomb County (RCNMC) will hold a “Meet the Candidates” forum for those seeking election to Macomb Township positions. These include Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and Trustees.  Also included will be Macomb County Board of Commissioners District 13, as it encompasses Macomb Township.

This event will take place on Thursday, 19 July from 6 p.m.–8:30 p.m. at the Main Branch of the Clinton-Macomb Public Library located at Romeo Plank & Canal Road in Clinton Township.

This is not a debate style forum, but one where candidates will be allotted 3 minutes to explain their positions and why they are the best candidate. Incumbents (in alphabetical order) will be allowed to speak first, and are then followed by challengers (in alphabetical order). The sequence will be:

1. Supervisor – Grabow, Dunn, Missig
2. Clerk – Koehs, Imbronone
3. Treasurer – Goodhue, Christ
4. Trustee – Bucci, Krzeminski, Nevers, Freitas, Laing, Michaels, Napolitano
5. Commissioner – Sabatini, Karwowicz

This will be followed by a question and answer session encompassing the balance of the program. Questions to a particular position will be asked and answered by all candidates for that position. Each candidate will be allotted 1 minute to answer the question. The sequence above will be used, but will rotate with each question. Therefore the first question to the Supervisor position will be answered in the order Grabow, Dunn, Missig, and the second question will be answered Dunn, Missig, Grabow, etc. This format will follow for all positions.

Written questions will be asked by the moderators from those received from the audience and participants both prior to and submitted in written form during the forum. Provisions will be made for audience members to submit questions in written format on index cards during the forum. Oral questions from the audience will not be allowed. This is to insure that the following guidelines regarding questions are followed:

•No multi-component questions. Keep them simple.
•No questions directed at a particular candidate.
•Questions must be directed to a particular elected position.
•Questions must be on topic and relevant to the position.

General rules for all candidates and audience members:
• Candidates are asked to refrain from disparaging other candidates.
• Talk to your abilities rather than perceived shortcomings of your rivals.
• All participants are to be civil to each other and all in attendance.
• To ensure fairness to all candidates, allotted time will be enforced.

For questions or comments, please contact the forum moderators: Steven Stoll – Vice-chair MTRC (248-705-3813) , or John Wolfsberger – Chair MTRC (256-603-3462)



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