January 18, 2022

2012 Macomb County GOP Primary Candidate Guide

The RCNMC has compiled a candidate guide for Republican candidates for the August 7 primary for ALL of Macomb County.  This guide will provide a variety of information so you can be as informed as possible before heading to the polls.

A questionnaire was sent to all candidates with over 60 returning with answers as to why they are the best candidate for their role.  In addition the RCNMC is working on adding videos and aggregated web links for the candidates.

Click the links below to find the candidate profiles.  Check frequently as we will continue to add information straight through until the primary.






  1. Rev. Ronald Roland says

    Ballot Question
    How do I determine who are the conservative, American candidates, that the party would endorse, on the non-partisan side of the ballot? I have not heard of any of these people or what they stand for.

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