January 18, 2022

2012 Volunteer Opportunities

In Northern Macomb County, there are over 100 elected offices to be decided in the 2012 November general election.  In addition, there are a number of ballot initiatives that will be presented to voters that the RCNMC will take a stand on.

The goal of Republican Victory will be successful based on the strength of the volunteer network supporting candidates and other party building activities.  This is your opportunity to make a difference.

The RCNMC is organizing volunteers to help candidates and inform about ballot initiatives.  Please consider assisting with the following activities:

  • Literature Dropping for a Candidate or Ballot Initiative
  • Door Knocking for a Candidate or Ballot Initiative
  • Phone Bank to help identify voters
  • Help staff a fundraiser or other event for a candidate
  • Clerical – stuff envelopes or roll up flyers
  • Drive vehicles for volunteers going door-to-door
  • Host a Meet-and-Greet for a candidate

The RCNMC is looking for volunteers for the following organizational activities:

  • Communication Committee – manage content on the RCNMC website, push content on social media, write op-eds and letters to the editor.
  • Research/Policy Committee – research issues and make recommendations for action.
  • Candidate/Endorsement Committee – help review candidates and make recommendations for endorsements.

These are just some of the available opportunities.  If you are unable to devote time, please consider making a donation to candidates or the RCNMC.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above items, please contact Rob Montilla at rob@rcnmc.com or 586-291-7349.

We Can’t Do It Without You!!


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