January 28, 2022

David Pierce

Candidate for Clinton Township Trustee


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Campaign Issues

Why are you running for this office?
To serve the residents of Clinton Township bringing my proven track record of business success. To increase revenues not taxes and to develop more business and jobs for the community. To bring about solid leadership experience and creative revenue producing formats. As we increase our revenue baseI want to work on improving our services to residents, and developing more interaction with State and Federal grants to improve our roads.
What skillsets and real life experience do you have that makes you the best candidate for the role?
I bring strong marketing abilities along with a proven track record of producing revenue and increasing jobs. I sit on committees in Workforce Education and Manufacturers that help fill jobs. I’ve arranged an Advance Manufacturers Symposium in August binging Manufacturers and Educators together to review today’s “Skill sets” needed for students to smoothly transition into good paying jobs. In addition I want to improve our communications with Police and Fire and make sure our community can always count on quick response to emergencies.
What are the top three issues you are concerned with for your district/municipality?
Increasing revenues not taxes, improving roads, and increasing good paying jobs for our residents.
What are the solutions you will bring forward if elected?
I will use my contacts and look at creating incentives for more business owners to come to our Township. I will sit down with Police and Fire and make sure we are making every effort to improve services in the departments. I will interact with Seniors and get more residents involved in problem solutions for our Township. I look to create a business committee that meets with businesses in the area on a regular basis to make sure we assisting them in growth and performance.
What specific measures will you take to maintain low taxes and less expensive, limited government?
We need to look at more avenues to create revenue other than taxes. This includes bringing in more business and offering incentives to encourage our business growth. We need to look at combining services within our businesses and decreasing their costs for insurance, training, and utilities.
If elected, what will you do to better promote transparency in government?
It starts with a Board that comes to meetings with one objective, service the residents. We must have open discussions on issues that provide solid explanations on the decisions reached. We must eliminate politics and emphasize serving our residents and employees.
Have you received any endorsements?  If so, please list.
I’m endorsed by Bob Cannon our Supervisor and Lifespan –Right to Life.

RCNMC Review

No additional information at this time.

Party Issues

Why are you a running as a Republican?
I want to serve the residents not government. I want to reduce taxes and increase revenue from Business growth.
What prior involvement have you had in the Republican Party or Conservative organizations?
I’m involved in local Republican groups and have attended meetings for MRCWC, Central Macomb and RCNMC.
What is your position on Obamacare?
I’m opposed to the new Obama tax.
What is your position on abortion?
I’m against abortion and am endorsed by Lifespan-Right to Life
What is your position on the 2nd Amendment?
I support it.
What is your position on public sector unions?
We need hard working labor and fair employers, not unions.

State/County/Local Issues

What are the two biggest issues you feel Macomb County is facing today?
Do you think Macomb County should have casinos?
I think we need to review a case study, but I support the revenue if the venue is right for our residents and employers.
What is your position on the Ambassador bridge project?
I’m in the supply chain industry. We need it to support commerce and production stability.
What is your position on special millages like the DIA or Zoo millages?
We need other ways to support these projects.

David Pierce

Residence: Clinton Township
Marital Status: Married
Current Occupation: Executive Director Evans Distribution Systems, Inc
Contact Email: davidpiercefortrustee@hotmail.com
Contact Phone: (586) 321-4238
Contact Address: 37822 Pocahontas Drive
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